Yêu thích tháng 3 năm 2019


Cuối tháng ba là ở đây, và cô gái của bạn đang gọi favs của mình. Rất cảm ơn Audible đã tài trợ cho video này. Nhận audiobook đầu tiên của bạn cho …


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  1. I loved devotion of suspect x! I recommend David Goggins Can’t Hurt Me – it really changed my perspective and was inspiring even though he isn’t the most pc person, it allowed me to understand how he ticked and what drove him. Also recommend The Orphan master’s son – a story about a North Korean spy and kidnapper who finds his way.

  2. You should look into a raw diet for your dog. Vets always recommend their kibble but it's actually not a dog's natural diet to eat dried up, processed meat (and whatever filler, preservatives, flavourings they add). Chicken and red meat is a common dog allergy too, my dog is allergic to both and since going off it her skin has improved greatly.

  3. Hey Jenn! I just wanted to drop a comment on this video and say THANK YOU because I read The Devotion of Suspect X on your recommendation and it blew my mind!! I'm so incredibly happy to have read it, I finished the book in about three days, could barely put it down haha

  4. my march favorite has been my kindle COMBINED with overdrive – the system that my local library uses to help people electronically borrow ebooks! it's so fantastic
    all i have to do is click a bit
    and even if the book isn't available (which they frequently aren't, b/c of the # online users to # ebooks of that one available), I can put it on hold. THEN my library will automatically email me and check it out when it's my turn, which MEANS i'm forced to immediately read it within that 7-14 days otherwise i'll be back on the hold list for who knows when, which MEANS I'm reading a lot more these days 😀

  5. hey jenn, always love your content. im currently reading "more than medicine: the broken promise of american health" by robert kaplan, basically about how much money america spends on treatment of diseases and the business of keeping people sick vs investing in social, behavioral, and educational support to prevent sickness and actually improve people's lives.

  6. a list of movie recs for you because I can:
    -The Grand Budapest Hotel (dir. Wes Anderson)
    -First Reformed (dir. Paul Schrader)
    -Hereditary (dir. Ari Aster)
    -The Birdcage (dir. Mike Nichols)
    -Happy Death Day (dir. Christopher Landon)
    -The Killing of a Sacred Deer (dir. Yorgos Lanthimos)
    -What's Up, Doc? (dir. Peter Bogdanovich)
    -City Island (dir. Raymond De Felitta)
    -The Descendants (dir. Alexander Payne)
    -Lady Bird (dir. Greta Gerwig) (also check out Frances Ha, Greta is the star of that movie!!!)

    *****sorry for no book recs I wish I read more LMAO

  7. I like your suggestions. One thought on Audible though – I was happy with the company until I found that they removed my credits because I hadn't used them in time….even though I had paid for them with the $14.99 per month cost or whatever it was. So basically they just took my money but didn't give me the credits in return, that I had paid for. I should have read the fine print, but I just think it's a terrible policy. I think I lost a few hundred dollars. You have to use the credits very soon or they are gone after you've paid for them. Anybody else have this experience? I swore to never use Audible again and switched to Audiobooks.

  8. If you haven’t watched love death + robots on Netflix yet it’s sooooo good! Black mirror vibe with all the episodes being stand alone and really mind fucky LOL they’re animated and short and I’ve loved pretty much every episode so far!

  9. I highly recommend The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen. It's a novel about a spy who is half-Asian, half-French, and grew up in Vietnam but studied in the states. He's so articulate in expressing the struggles of dual identities, and the intricacies of Asian culture. He also has a unique sense of humor and knack for recognizing and calling out Americans' quirks. Hope you get to read it! I'm almost finished and am loving it 🙂

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