Dưới đây là Top 4 của bạn (Được trình bày bởi Xfinity) – The Voice 2019 (Độc quyền kỹ thuật số)


Đây là một cái nhìn nhanh về Top 4 khi chúng ta bước vào tuần cuối cùng – được trình bày bởi Xfinity. »Tải ứng dụng chính thức của The Voice: …


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  1. Ok so the top 4 are consists of 3 artists from blake and 1 artist from john. Ok. This is hilarious. It seems that this show only promotes country music and not the variety of the word music it self as a whole. The breadth and depth of music is too enormous and boundless and yet how did we get here into this chasm of sarcasm. like how come this show is more likely into country? Wtf! I know this is too archetypal for me to say but Jej deserves more and must be belong into the top 4 but sadly he got robbed.

  2. I love how all the comments are “Maelyn should win” lol.

    And I completely agree. Maelyn is by leaps and bounds the best vocalist not only this season, but the best vocalist the show has ever seen.

  3. why almost everyone rants?! move on guys, accept d fact that it's a voting contest.don't blame the voters or the genre or the coach. respect those voters,they took time, it was their CHOICE & PREFERENCE.

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