Mẹo uống rượu Hy Lạp: Không có rượu vang


Lời chào từ Bêlarut. Chỉ là một nghi thức uống nhanh từ Hy Lạp. Khi uống với bạn bè hãy uống hết ly rượu trước khi bạn có thêm …


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  1. I mean that doesn't seem to be a strictly Greek or even Mediterranean thing. We do it in Ireland too, like it's not a rule but we just don't do it…Actually come to think of it, that's probably just our alcoholism.

  2. In Crete they gave us warm wine and we asked for cold they gave us evil stare and said they doesnt have cold. Everywhere in Greece they drink it warm? wine glass in video is offence to wine 😀

  3. Tip for Crete : If you hear gunshots…don't be afraid. Whole island have an (illegal but known to everyone) gun culture. They using them for celebrations as weddings, engagements, crristening (…except special reasons to clear off things between them) Search "mpalothies" at youtube to have a look.

  4. Hey Mark! I'm going to Athens in 6 days 😀 I just got a question: do you tip in Greece? If you do, how much do you normally tip? I've searched on google. Some people say you should, meanwhile others say you shouldn't, what do you do?

    I love your videos!! Keep them up! 😀
    Cheers from Denmark!

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