Howie Mandel hồi tưởng về quyết định của mình trên AGT – America's Talent 2019


Bạn có nhớ khi Howie có tóc không?! Howie Mandel đưa chúng ta qua làn nhớ và trò chuyện về một số khoảnh khắc AGT yêu thích của anh ấy. " Nhận được …


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  1. Congratlations and Happy Anniversary, Howie. on completing a decade of wonderful AGT memories. Your heart is certainly in the right place. Looking forward to hearing and enjoying more of your presence as my favorite AGT judge (SC is also now on equal footing since he became a doting dad). More power, success, and happiness to you and the rest of the AGT judges.

  2. I miss all the old judge's Heidi & Mel & Howard 💔 💔 💔
    They give us a good memory's on #AGT #AGTforEver 😢 💔 💔 💔 💕
    I just love this show so much 💙💜
    I also miss Nick & Tyra ♡♡
    They look like a family together they all of them complete the show

  3. I have always loved you Howie! I remember little Bobby going up the Fallopian tube…. hilarious as befits you!! I think you are the best judge on AGT!! I’m 65 so I’ve been with you from the beginning!! I loved Courtney Hadwin too!!! God bless and keep you and your family! Here’s to another 10 years!!! With all my love and respect, Pat Anderson
    P.S. I’m sorry Happy Anniversary!!!
    That’s just how the few brain cells I have left work! Lol

  4. a sincere happy anniversary howie, and that air cond. unit looks like they picked it out of a dumpster and love how you always look so damn happy dude, ah ha, probably a little puff of the ole green stuff eh?

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