HƯỚNG DẪN: Trang điểm cho khách dự tiệc cưới


Có rất nhiều yếu tố cần xem xét khi trang điểm cho khách dự tiệc cưới từ lớp nền hoàn hảo, lâu trôi đến trông tuyệt vời trong mỗi …


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  1. You probably won't get to read this comment but if you do, I really want to know how you got your hair colour. I think it looks amazing!

    Unfortunately I'm not going to any weddings anymore; I'm too old for these things so all my peers are already married with kids…. also can't afford new makeup as I'm saving up so I just admire 🙂

  2. I've just found out in my UD shop that the cannonball mascara has been discontinued 😭 Jen, do you have any other mascara recommendations for these straight as a stick typical Asian eyelashes??

  3. I love your makeup looks and how natural they are. So many people do the super shiny highlights that look unnatural. I really like how your looks are so beautiful but actually wearable.

  4. You have no idea of how much I love your makeup tutorials! Humble request from one of your 9+ y.o. subscribers, keep on doing makeup tutorials regularly! No need to be anything very difficult/different/fancy, even if it's just "the makeup im wearing today" I'd be extremely happy to watch! 💓💓

  5. Such a soft, pretty look! And, now I want to buy all the products. 💸💸💸 I recently returned the Naked Reloaded palette, without even trying it, because I became unsure about the colors, but seeing how you use them makes me want to repurchase. Thanks so much for the lovely tutorial, Jen. You look beautiful, as always.

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