Sử dụng mã INGRID20 của tôi khi thanh toán để giảm giá 20% cho các giao dịch mua từ 35 đô la trở lên trên frankbody.com * Chào mừng bạn đến với video đầu tiên trong loạt bài làm sạch mùa xuân của tôi! …


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  1. Very interesting to me how you're a feminist and anti-patriarchy, yet you're promoting a company (Frank Body) whose product descriptions are spoken from a womanizing man's (Frank) vantage point, sexualizing women, saying things like "Guess what? You'll be naked in a minute" and constantly calling women "babes"… it just seems extremely hypocritical.

  2. Im going to WE day next week and I'm so excited to see you! Today I found out I'm going and I looked at the people coming list. I saw you and looked you up, now I think you are one of my favorite youtubers and I'm so excited to see you!!

  3. I am shocked that you- such a kind hearted and wonderful person wouldn’t choose to go cruelty free? A lot of the products already are, and you would only have to cut out some things I don’t get why you wouldn’t make that change.

  4. How do you keep your shelves in the cabinet clean? My glass shelves get sooo dusty and it’s a daily annoyance for me, cause I don’t want to take everything off of them every day to clean.. 😒

  5. Wow…. you use A LOT of stuff. How do you know what works and what doesn't if you use so many things at the same time????
    Also, how come you started talking in that weird voice that kourney kardashian uses.

  6. How do you use so many skincare products at once? Putting that much on your face at once can’t be healthy, plus most of the products contain fragrance. Ladies! You don’t need this many products to look beautiful.😂🤣

  7. LOVE the idea behind this series! I love your skincare videos most, and I always appreciate your honesty. I missed seeing these kinds of videos on your channel, and judging from the other comments here, I’m glad I’m not the only one who missed them. Thanks for sharing, Ingrid! And yes, that lipstick looks so lovely on you! ☺️

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