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Tôi sẽ thừa nhận một thói quen làm đẹp Tôi thực sự SIÊU LAZY và bỏ qua, nhưng tôi đã có đề xuất sản phẩm hoàn hảo để làm cho nó dễ dàng hơn nhiều …


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  1. The ghd smooth & finish serum is amazing. The best serum I've ever used. I have extremely dry ends (like if I run my fingers through my hair, my ends will crack and break off) and my hair gets drier between washes, the serum is the only one that manages to make my ends still kind of soft by day 2 of not washing my hair.

  2. There are actually spray-on leave-in hair conditioners. I use the one made in Russia ('coz that's where I'm from), but I feel like there should be many from other brands to choose from. I think that's a better option vs hair oil, because they don't tend to leave any residue and they do the job quite well.

  3. Verb ghost oil: smells nice and light. Oribe gold lust nourishing oil: smells super nice and light. Moroccanoil: more intense smell and heavier, but good for me since my hair is always dry.

  4. When I'm not putting any heat on my hair, I use The Ordinary 100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil. For when I am applying heat to my hair, I use Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Anti-Breakage Leave-In Treatment 🙂 my hairdresser has always told me to never have oil in my hair when applying heat because it's the same effect as when you're using oil on a hot pan when cooking lol

  5. I have the same exact Mario edition Shu Uemura hair oil which I just repurchased a week ago! I've used that years ago but after finishing my first bottle I hesitated on purchasing because it's expensive. So I tried other hair oils, one that was recommended by my hair stylist, which is the Tsubaki Camelia Oil. The texture is dry oil in the hands, but feels kind of sticky once on the hair. I also didn't find that it helped with my damaged ends. Backstory…3 years ago I bleached my hair and dyed it a electric purple, and my hair texture hasn't been the same since then…not even the new grown ones (from the roots)! I really wasn't even able to run my hand through my hair smoothly without any tangles. Now, with just a week of using Shu Uemura again, I can brush my hair without any tangles again!

  6. Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil Dry Oil Mist, best dry oil spray for my thick frizzy hair. I like the weight of hair oils, especially in the Southern heat/humidity. That said, it keeps my hair still feeling like hair and not a greasy mess. They have 3 diff types of oils in the collection; an aerosol spray for lighter finer hair, the dry oil mist is medium and then a full on oil for thick course hair.

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