Dexter Roberts và Toby Keith biểu diễn "Đó là Bro quê hương" – The Voice Live Finale 2019


Dexter Roberts và Toby Keith biểu diễn "That Country Bro" trong The Voice Live Finale. »Tải ứng dụng chính thức của The Voice: …


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  1. I love Dexter and Toby Keith but I hate this song. I hate bro country music. Too much party and it doesn't sound like country music like Johnny Cash. Dexter is not a bro country type of singer. He's more of a emotional country ballad type of artist and Toby Keith is more of a country classic type of artist like Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Keith Whitley. He should go back to that because they both have amazing voices. Bro country music doesn't suit their voices.

  2. Glad Toby keith could stay sober enough for a song, he usually doesn’t do tv performances for this reason. We used to have a country music festival here where I live where it was a lot of big names, and it was for the most part televised but a few acts wouldn’t let them televise they’re performances! Toby was always one of them, sad because I love his music but I’ve heard stories of people who have seen him live that say by the end he’s too drunk to fully sing his own songs 🙁

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