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Chào mừng bạn đến với Reflection City aka một tuần trong cuộc đời tôi. Cảm ơn HelloFresh đã hợp tác với tôi trong video này! Tận dụng lợi thế và nhận được tổng cộng $ 80 …


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  1. I swear what you said in the beginning of your video has been me the past couple of months because i started this new job and i keep catching myself doing things for others just so that they can 'like' me or say something good about me and i hate it. Ive been practicing to do or help someone only if i truly want to and check my attitude before i do something nice for them so that in the end i can be happy with myself solely for helping them without expecting anything back. Its HARD but I'll keep practicing ♥️

  2. Whenever I am hitting a low/having an off day I always feel like I am the only one who experiences things like this. Watching your videos, especially ones like this, are a reminder that I'm not alone. Thank you for creating real and refreshing content!

  3. Hey Jenn! Really love the content you bring especially in this video! Life can really be difficult and messy but learning from ordinary people who inspire to improve their lives every single time really keeps me moving and to continue to improve myself. Most times, whenever I try something new or to kick a certain habit, I find myself failing or going back to square one but every now and then, reading self-help books, surrounding myself with self-motivated people, and the support from my family, really give me the support and the comfort to keep going and not to give up. Keep doing you, Jenn!

  4. Hey Jen have you thought about exploring Christianity? just was wondering because I always identified with the struggles you discussed and I've been exploring it recently and I think it's actually been going somewhere

  5. I use the Sims when I'm feeling anxious about going somewhere or leaving the house I think about how in the Sims I just have my character run around and do things with no problem that I want to do and then for some reason that makes it easier for me to leave the house. haha kind of different but related to this intro. Thanks for sharing Jenn xxx

  6. I started getting therapy regularly in 2017 to get rid of my GAD (General Anxiety Disorder), Depression, Eating disorder and etc., and now I don't have any of those clinically diagnosable symptoms and disorders and yet I love going to therapy. I don't go as frequent as I used to, but now I get therapy to become mature and to make me a better person. By getting the therapy, I was able to realize who truly I was (and I am still on that journey), have healthier relationships in my life ( and thereby giving positive influence to the people around me even when I am not trying to change them), and to have more deeper insights to the things that I think are important. Of course I made those improvements and developments by my own along with some other good influences (things that I learn from my work, school, and other many things that are around me), but without therapy I don't think I would've been able to find the right direction to move forward and I would've filtered out those good influences. It is hard though. YOU NEED TO WORK HARD and you also need to find the right therapist that works for you (the therapist who works for me might not work for you) and I can never emphasize this more. Therapy isn't magic and your therapist doesn't "treat" your condition. They find you the right methods to work on that would work best for you and you are the one who has to do them. ( Kind of like how doctors prescribe you medicines but how you are the one who has to take the right amount of the medicine at the right time of the day) You just have to put the right effort. Some people may think that only people with insecurities and unstable mental health would go to therapy but if you ever go to therapy to the right therapist with motivation & effort you will realize right away that people who gets therapy are either people who are really trying to be secure and achieve stable mental health (that majority of people who don't go to therapy have) or people who are already there and but are trying to become a even better person.

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