Maelyn Jarmon và Sarah McLachlan trình diễn "Angel" – The Voice Live Finale 2019


Maelyn Jarmon và Sarah McLachlan của Team Legend biểu diễn "Angel" trong The Voice Live Finale. »Tải ứng dụng chính thức của The Voice: …


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  1. A lot of people have covered Angel–and they usually make me cringe because they over-sing, or over-emote. Maelyn's the first to nail it–no easy task standing next to the one-and-only Sarah McLachlan. And I loved how Sarah was basically cheering her on. Bravo to both!

  2. Absolutely hands down! Great job John Legend, amazing pick! Hands down to you both, and what a wonderful performance from these two ladies!! God is Great – He gives us a chance to hear these one of a kind voices, let's remember…"never take things for granted, NEVER!!!"

  3. I love how Sarah is so used to singing this song on her own that she caught herself getting so caught in it that she almost inadvertantly took over Maelyn's parts. Lol!
    Sarah is still one of the most talented singers I have ever seen. And Maelyn, amazing
    Also, Sarah's arms are no joke, they are so sculpted.

  4. Maelyn: You'll remember me! ( her first words in the competition)
    Us: YES we will and with this one it is definitely forever!

    You left your mark in this competition but also in our heart! You'll forever be remembered!
    May your stars keep shining!

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