Nobody In Washington Is Listening to Congress


James Corden recaps the news of the day, notably former White House Counsel Don McGahn skipping out on a subpoena to appear in the House, and the …


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  1. Congressman & Senators, Are lifers and do not have a performance based contracts with there constitutes once elected. There riding on promises and remaining due to the polarizing nature of the political system. Compare these law makers with other G7 countries over the last 20yrs – let's see what we come up??

    What have they done that's so profound? I speak of both sides of the isle.

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  2. I’m a staunch liberal… but i hate when talk shows talk about politics. Nobody watches late night shows to get the news. We want to hear funny content and frankly there is nothing funny about the place our country is in right now. Just my opinion….

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