Trái tim của Anh và Nam Wales


2000 Châu Âu của Rick Steves | Sau khi tham quan ngôi nhà trang viên của một vị lãnh chúa ở Cotswold và lấy mẫu rượu táo gần Wells, chúng tôi quay ngược thời gian …


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  1. My English granddad is from Coleford, near the Welsh border while I'm from Bridgend.

    When I was a kid, he managed to convince me that he spent his young adult life working as a window washer in Tintern Abbey. I believed him until the age of 17…when I finally visited Tintern Abbey and it clicked.

    He still winds me up about it to this day. I'm 25.

  2. Ho hum! Many of the tidbits of information presented throughout this video are incorrect or outmoded. Glastonbury was not the centre of Christianity in Britain, at any point. Nor are its connections to Arthur at all authentic Also, there was no Anglo-Saxon invasion. There was no pushing the British west. The large castles in Wales are Norman, not English.

  3. Good work fella. I'm a Brit who stumbled across your vids via the miracle of the internet and IMHO you've got the balance right if you're trying to encapsulate something of England in easily digestible chunks for folks in North America and beyond. Well done – have a like 🙂

  4. USA may have grand canyon,Niagara falls,mount rushmore,yellow stone national park,(etc.,)…but nothing compared to our beauty of gray head glorious England,USA's landscape(mentioned earlier) is so dull and characterless to British landscape …England is just sooo much better…

  5. Stonehenge is more famous than it ought to be and can definitely be skipped… I'd recommend visiting Well's or Salisbury cathedrals over it, also Cheddar and Glastonbury tour, or the centre of Bath.

  6. Beautifully presented, Rick, as usual! I love that you not only show us the sights but also fill in a bit of background. I'm from Calcutta, India and I watch one of your tours as often as possible. Thanks to you, we who are unable to travel are transported………………..!

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