200k người đăng ký và YouTube Live ngày 8 tháng 7


Cảm ơn tất cả người hâm mộ và bạn bè của chúng tôi và thậm chí cả những kẻ troll của chúng tôi! Chúng tôi đã đạt được 200000 người đăng ký và chúng tôi gần như đạt 50 triệu lượt xem !!! Cảm ơn bạn! Đến…


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  1. My husband and I recently moved to Germany from the US and your videos have given us so much great info as we travel around Europe! Thank you! Our question is… what is your favorite and least favorite European destination and why?

  2. Hi Walter, love the channel, have enjoyed it for sometime. Its great to see someone relate-able on youtube instead of twentysomething vloggers with all the freedom to zoom off wherever (like i used to!) What city would you recommend for Christmas (i know its Summer, Ibiza is our summer jaunt) Thinking of Rome, just somewhere where everyone is out and about – unlike England where people stay couped up watching the tellybox. Cheers.

  3. hello mark
    i will be in paris for 8days. is it practical to go to florence and london while im there. this is my first time. oh! by the the way my flight will be landing in paris. any thoughts on this?
    thank you

  4. Since you cut off comments on your 5 things not to wear in Europe, Im commenting here. 1. The baseball cap (I don't disagree at all but… the "local" in your video was wearing one 😉 – especially the backwards thing you'll be assumed to be of ill repute)
    2. Athletic wear spot on
    3. For standing out accurate.
    4. Depends, In Ireland for example I saw a lot of locals with random US college and Pro sweatshirts which surprised me (only Dublin – not anywhere else)
    5.This might be an age/location based thing, IME the younger generation and especially in Eastern Europe are very proud of those type of shoes.

    I don't know what happened on the other video, but this is the internet, and not matter how stupid/insulting/sophmoric the comments you're probably better off letting them be.

    Perhaps you could add a sixth: When visiting a religious place realize there will more than likely be a dress code.

  5. Other than China, what places in Asia have you been or want to go? I lived in Korea for many years and while it is small, it is also a great country (the food is delicious). Vietnam is another favorite (loved Hanoi). Love your videos.

  6. Hallo Mark, zu allererst Dankeschön, für die vielen tollen Videos. Deine Familie und du seid wirklich sehr sympathisch!
    Ich habe eine Frage, bei der du mir bestimmt helfen kannst:
    Mein Mann und ich lieben es in USA Urlaub zu machen und fliegen eigentlich jedes Jahr rüber. Jetzt wurde bei mir vor kurzem festgestellt, dass ich keine Laktose mehr Verträge. Leider habe ich im Urlaub noch nie darauf geachtet, ob in der USA darauf Rücksicht genommen wird.
    Kannst du mir sagen, ob ich im nächsten Urlaub Probleme bekommen werde?
    Ich könnte mir vorstellen, dass wenn wir selbst kochen, es kein Problem sein wird, aber wie sieht es in Restaurants aus? IHOP, TGIF, outback und co?
    Vielen Dank schon mal, vielleicht kannst du mir die Angst nehmen….

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