ĐÁNH GIÁ: Maybelline Phù hợp với tôi! Kem nền mờ


whoa … một đánh giá về một sản phẩm riêng lẻ! muốn đánh giá nhanh hơn? kiểm tra cái mới cuối cùng của tôi tại Nhà thuốc Haul!


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  1. Someone plz help me out plz I have this foundation and it has sooo much flashback and I don’t use powders plz help me I don’t know what to do and I have school pictures coming up help me plz

  2. hello:) im a teenager who wants to know about "fit me foundation color"! i have reddish skin but its based on yellow skin! So i am looking well when i use fit me concealer 10(light) for my acnes cover and age rewinder light is used to conceal my dark spot under eyes(not for over face-little bit brighter)Anyway, im going to buy this foundation, however, i dont know which color will be best! I want to buy between 120, 125 and 128. So, can you recommand color shade..? Im sorry to ask you:((

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