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  1. This season was rigged. How can they seriously allow votes to count before they even sing? It was more of a popularity contest than a singing competition. And laine wasn't even all that good. Madison or Alejandro should've taken it

  2. AI still remains a karaoke show and failed to evolve into something more. However, if AI changes the format to encourage the development of real musical artists, like Alejandro, I would watch a new season. Why watch people doing covers on AI when there's a ton of people on YT already doing covers?

  3. Coming back to AI after almost 15 years just to watch Alejandro, like many of us have. I will forever know this season as Alejandro Idol. He was able to touch people's hearts with his music, THAT is what music should be like. So tired of the same karaoke hits every season who get washed up soon after winning. Alejandro, you have many behind you and still supporting you through your career. Looking forward to whats to come. God Bless homie.

  4. It's just a TV show. Fun to watch. Both Laine and AA will do well. Just be happy for both. They will do amazing things with fans from different genres. They all have lots of new fans now. The country vote is very strong. Look at the voice with 3 out of the 4 finalists were country artists. Laine will represent Disney well and AA can now do his own thing. Win, win for everyone.

  5. Thanks @American Idol for letting us all enjoy Alejandro at his best. This was the best season great contestants. Sad Alejandro didn’t win but he’s our American Icon of musical genius. Props to all others who raised to the end you are all stars.

  6. Idk I feel that after Alejandro losing many people will not watch next year I only watched Alejandro’s clips on YouTube but he’s a once in a generation artist I don’t think there will be anyone who come close to him next year….

  7. The story is that it was rigged from the beginning a lot of people including myself voted 4 Madison and a good portion of the votes did not go through. American idol rigged it so laine would win seeing how he was on last season and didn’t get far and should not have been allowed 2 compete i don’t care that people said he went 2 support his friend and the judges begged him 2 come back he should not have been allowed back shame on you American idol 4 your messed up voting system and not listening 2 people when they complain

  8. Americans chose the typical country singer again…Alejandro a great player,composer but not a singer Madison a great performer a great singer but Jeremiah is the best one..a great composer ,player and singer..Im truly sorry

  9. TQVM American idol. Even tho we should call it/ became more like American Southern Country Idol. But I only come back watching coz of Alejandro Aranda. Best season ever. Not sure can top up this season for years to come. Good luck to the future contestants…be original, not some another forgettable singing and pretty face…

    I'm… out….

  10. Jeremiah should've won if I'm understanding it correctly that American Idol is a VOICE competition? If so, no one even came close to his outstanding vocal skills.

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