Khách sạn ma ám ở New York?


Xuất hiện ở New York cho một chuyến đi nhanh với Pat Mcgrath, buuut khách sạn chúng tôi ở lại để lại cho tôi một chút sợ hãi! KHÁC hơn NY là 10/10 …


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  1. How flexible your thumb is also tells your personality! Those with very flexible thumbs are more easy going and can adapt to changes very well and open to new ideas and opinions. YouTube it !! Very interesting

  2. Loving these low edits in a way. They seem more nostalgic Jen and cut compared to the nowadays over edited Vids of most vloggers. So cute 💕! Please do more summer lookbooks from some affordable brands(also idc if you put in some of your eggie stuff and how u would personally style them. I think it's cute asF and if you're not gonna sponsor your self who will?? So I'm cool lmao screw haters. Just don't over do it and put eggie into everything), what would Jen wear, how would you style these (I'm thinking hair accessories because they're coming back and are so cute! I'd love to see you do a spring look book with cute hair accessories)! Keep up the hardwork 💕 and I'm a big fans of your vlogs. They make me so happy AHAHAHAH I don't even care if all you're doing is staying at home and doing errands, That is a Mood. Love u Jen!! Don't let haters keep you down 💕

  3. I really enjoy your videos and have been watching for years now. But i miss fashion content videos. However to me the channel becomes more vlogs and beauty related only, and i am a bit disappointed.

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