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  1. I am so glad that my partner is slowly teaching me that my period is nothing gross or weird. Also I am so glad I said goodbye to tampons. Such uncomfy stuff. I am using a cup now and that way I am also having so much less waste. It's so great that now there's discussions about this kinda stuff. 🙂

  2. I have a few things to say so no matter what you do, don’t go bash me or try to discuss with me until you read everything that I have to say. Please and thank you.

    First off, we never we shielding men off from periods. However periods are gross and I don’t want anyone to talk about it when I’m there and I don’t want to be boxed in there and being forced into torcher.

    I hope no one is gonna start a war with me but nothing about a woman is good. I mean by not just periods but physically and also just the full package there is nothing positive about anyone being a woman.

    I must give you credit for mentioning period inclusivity. It is a big issue that needs to be discussed and not poked fun of.

    I was worried about feeling offended or uncomfortable in some way similar to my reaction to Kalvin Garrah seeing the period prince content aka Cass but that wasn’t the case.

    But I’m still going to believe what I believe. I’ll still believe periods are a waste of time. I’ll still question why they exist and what’s purpose they hold. I’m still going to think they are gross not because of stigma but because they are gross and they’ve done nothing but ruin any understanding in what it means to be a woman and also it’s created an ugly body I have to get surgery to fix. I’m not going to try to kill myself tonight though I can guarantee it. However periods as a whole can create unwanted bodies that can make people want to kill themselves even, which is what I have fallen a victim to.

    I don’t know what else to say other than, I’m just 😐

  3. I have had my period for twenty years. It is unbelievable how fast the time is going. I tried tampons, but I feel more comfortable with pads. Tampons are painful for me to put in. I am on the pad team. My periods have gotten more painful too over the years. I do not have any biological children, and some people have told me that this is the reason why. Is that true? Does childbirth help with future periods?

    Since LGBT month is next month, we should mention that some people who do not identify as "female" get periods too like transmen or non-binary people.

    Love the red lipstick. Can you do a video on how to apply red lipstick? Every time I apply it, I end up looking like a vampire who just drank blood.

  4. I've heard a lot of females say that your period gets better the older you get, but my experience has been the complete opposite. The older I get, the heavier my flow is and more painful its become. Also my mental health gets effected a lot more by it these days. They were easier when I was a teenager.

  5. I was a pad-only girl for all of my period years until this year when I discovered period underwear! Seriously a life changer. They are they ultimate pillow for your vulva – my modibodi ones are soooo comfy and keep me feeling dry all day. Would love for you to share your thoughts on sustainable alternatives to pass/tampons!

  6. I dont know why people dont understand that when u dont get your period u are in trouble , sometimes your periods can get irregular due to bad diet and unhealthy lifestyle , so its important that u stay calm till your periods come and not show aggresion. Anger leads to uncomfortable periods whereas if u stay calm u wont even feel it coming

  7. I remember we had a tampon and pad talk at school in grade 6 or 7. And the boys thought It was hilarious how big the tampons got in water. Then they started throwing them at each other. They didn't care what they were for. That's one of my favorite sex ed memories lol

  8. I was really lucky to have a great year 7 teacher who taught us about periods. He was so enthusiastic about the subject and told us how fascinating the cycle is so the classes really fed off his enthusiasm! He made a really awkward and embarrassing subject, super engaging and normal.

  9. The tabus about periods are so weird! You said you were used to people saying pads are gross and everyone was using tampons. Here in Brazil it is the opposite! Pads are what girls usually wear and tampons are a tabu! (So many people believe that if you wear a tampon you loose your virginity, can you believe?)
    I love that you are so open to talk about this stuff in your channel! It is what we need to periods stop being such a tabu and believed to be gross while actually it is NATURAL.
    Love from Brazil xxx

  10. I was very glad when you brought up the whole tampons vs. pads, and how people in your life, and in many others lives, shame people who wear pads. I have four older sisters, and the oldest always used to make the typical “diaper” jokes/comments, and as a young girl who got her period it made me feel like I was gross for my choice, so much so that I would buy tampons to make it seem like I used them, and bought pads in secret. I tried the other option, and it just wasn’t for me! Thank you for opening up that topic, because it made me feel a whole lot better about it. I’m 24, have had my period for half of my life now, and I should not be ashamed to use the products and care for myself the way I chose! Thank you, Ingrid 💕

  11. This is not my first time to hear that, but I'm always surprised when I come across the fact that people in America mainly use tampons. I live in Europe, Serbia, and almost all the girls my age (I'm 18) have never used a tampon, they'd rather avoid swimming and other activities in water than to wear one. It's interesting to see how here where I live, the things you said people were talking about pads apply to tampons and I'm the one trying to explain how they are not dirty or gross.

  12. I really appreciate the conversation about your period changing. I used to have zero emotional or mental effects during my period but now for the week leading up to my period I feel extremely anxious and have times of deep depression. Because I hadn't been affected in this way before, it took me a long time to realize what was going on and I had no idea what to do. Had it been more common knowledge that your period can change so much over time, I may have been able to manage my changes earlier on. Great video

  13. I am waiting to get my regular period back after having a baby and I have to say, I miss her! My whole body feels a kind of relief during that time in my cycle; a refresher🌜🌝🌛🌟

  14. I think is so interesting how the pads vs tampons discussion is different in different cultures. In Brazil the majority of women wear pads and there's not a lot of tampons options

  15. I can relate to a lot of points. I went from "I wouldn't even notice I have period if not that bit of blood" to "it's first day of my period and I am unable to can". It's annoying sometimes, but it makes me respect my body more. I also never silence the conversation and try to spread the positive outlook on menstruation. My husband moved from being embarrassed when I asked to buy tampons to being 100% comfortable with the concept of period and I am so thankful for that. His embarrassment came as a surprise to me, because we are very open with each other. His shame really hurt me first, but according to him, this shame came from an old stereotype that he formed back in school, and one open conversation, giving just one little thought was enough to understand how irrational it is, he just didn't have a chance to talk about it. So communicating is extremely important. I can not imagine being silent or embarrassed about menstruation anymore, and your videos helped with that a lot.

  16. I loved the video and its inclusiveness! In the spirit of inclusiveness, I wanted to mention that the term “vegetable” can be derogatory and ableist. The point you’re making about needing to rest is a good one but I think there are ways to make it without the hurt and history of that term. ❤️

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