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Hãy nghĩ về video này như một lá thư từ trái tim tôi … Cảm ơn bạn rất nhiều vì tất cả sự ủng hộ và tình yêu của bạn trong năm qua. Tôi vô cùng biết ơn và …


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  1. But, what if your dream is so far away, what if it’s nearly impossible, what if it is really imposible? I used to dream but where i was born, how I look, my ethnicity and a lot of other stuff makes my dream impossible, i try to replace my dream but as each day passes by, i get sadder about not living in my dream

  2. Hii Michelle I can't express how much you have inspired me! I know you are no longer on YouTube but your videos still are You are my inspiration👑 You tell me what life actually is your voice is so Calming that I just want to keep listening to you. You inspire me to pursue my dreams ❤️💫It's when people thought your life were goals no one really knew that even you were somewhere not happy.. Thank you for being such a sweetheart world needs more people like you. 🌹❤️Much love
    Miss you 👑

  3. every now and then i come back to your channel for inspiration . and you always inspire me to do something as small as smiling to people i see on the streets, or hugging my mom, or just being nicer overall. thankyou angel 👼

  4. Dear Michelle, I am so sad that u stopped youtube, but i just wanted to say: thank you..You are such an inspiration and idol for me! everytime i feel so broken and hopeless I find myself come back to this video and it kind of gives me hope to meet all the challenges that life has to offer. I think you will never read this but i just wanted to let you know that you are the reason why i have hope in myself. I love you Michelle 🙂 – from a fan that finally believes in her dreams♥

  5. you’ve spent so much time on making others happy that you’ve forgotten about your own needs. my heart aches for you. i just found your channel but i already feel so close to you. i feel like I’ve been searching for someone who was like me and understood me. i’m so happy i found you. i’m getting emotional just writing this

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