Thường xuyên trang điểm dễ dàng


Tôi thường trang điểm rất ít hàng ngày. Đây là cách trang điểm tôi thường mang theo và áp dụng khi đang cần. Nó rất đơn giản và …


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  4. Hey just letting you know, the 88 palette actually saves you in the long run because it costed me $15. Some companies brand their name on it, but the same exact ones are sold on eBay and Amazon. Just search up "matte 88 palette" or "shimmer 88 palette" I've had mines for two years and never have to buy any more eye shadows.

  5. The Missha bb cream has okay coverage, I have bought both the 27 and 31 in Hong Kong. however, unless you already have nice skin, this bb cream won't cover much. I have acne; therefore, this bb cream doesn't cover well.

  6. you're right, no one's perfect, but you look perfect even without make up. 🙂 then you look so fabulous every time you put make up. thank you so much for sharing your talent. i really learned a lot by just watching all your videos.

  7. Hi, wonder if could help me. My friend wanted to order Maybelline dream matt powder but do not know which shade (not sold in where we live so we are ordering online). she is NC 20, which shade should we get? Thanks.

  8. You're really amazing, I used to watch all the other make up gurus and every single one of them had all these, 88 color palettes or even 120 color palettes and I was like "UGH I cant wear a good eyeshadow without those, I cant afford one either" but when I watch your videos it's like, you CAN get 88 colors by buying much cheaper palettes that have like, 4 colors in them and collecting them. I just bought myself a very cheap 20 color palette and I work with what I have! Thank you so much!

  9. i like your lips… especially upper lip… i like watching your lips while you talk. they look SO pretty.. not too thin or thick.. it's weird i find myself only concentrating on ur lips, not the tutorials…. LOL.

  10. i think u should use brush to blend ur bb cream and concealer, it looks uneven in your face when u use hands, be more professional in doing video.
    for me,this video is a lazy make up video. =.=

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