Ông chủ trà đạo Nhật Bản này đã tổ chức các buổi lễ lưu trữ hàng thập kỷ | Địa lý quốc gia


Xem Sensei Sobin Koizumi, người đã tham gia vào các nghi lễ trà từ khi cô sáu tuổi, tổ chức một buổi lễ.
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  1. Please explain to me why do you need to study for 3 years so you can pour some wáter and brisk some tea. I am not asking this in a bad way, I just want to know and understand what do they do for 3 years. I mean, it seems to the uneducated eye that this is something that can be learned and mastered in a few days at most. Please educate me

  2. It was a privilege to meet and watch her explain the history of macha as well as the origin of the tea ceremony last April during the Japanese Festival in Washington DC.

  3. this is a great video, but the subtitles are really lazy! she explained the tea making process with much more detail and a bunch of places are just skipped for no reason? whyyyy

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