Các Trumps đi trên một chuyến đi Hoàng gia


Một số gia đình trị tốt nhất thế giới đã được trưng bày khi gia đình hoàng gia Anh tổ chức Trump và phái đoàn Hoa Kỳ. #LSSC #Colbert #Monologue …


26 Nhận xét

  1. So funny Stephen. Trump definitely is a douche and a liar. Wasn't it the Sun News he made his mean remark about Meghan Markle to, but he criticizes CNN and the New York Times typical of idiotic Trump. I agree change the locks to the White House while Trump and his demon brood are gone.

  2. All Colbert does is tell very harsh jokes in his Trump voice. Trump obviously did not say he liked the German Charlie chaplain guy (Hitler), but this offensive statement is funny now because you used a voice…. Same lame joke line up as usual. (Joke used very loosely.)

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