Prom & Wedding Smokey Eyes


Chào mọi người! Mắt khói màu nâu cổ điển tuyệt đẹp này thực sự được lấy cảm hứng từ tất cả các trang phục màu pastel đẹp ngoài kia. Nó sẽ là hoàn hảo …


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  1. Is there eyeshadowprimer without a color? Because i'm 13 and i have a schooldance and want to wear only eye makeup. No foundation or something and most primers match a foundation. Maybe it would look a bit weird with coverage on my lids only. And excuses for my bad english(it's a foreign language to me)

  2. love this getting married this sunday n this vid come to the rescue! and no i dun think u went too overboard with the blush because it's gonna show in photos nicely! Little – medium blush in photos are not great! and does not make you look like a clown..ur tutes are all pretty makeups!

  3. does the concealer you used (maybelline instant age rewind) give you a reverse panda look in flash photography? i want to try this look for my friends wedding (i will be a bridesmaid) but im afraid of looking like a reverse panda lol. im not experienced with makeup so i don't know what makeups to avoid.

  4. foundation is typically used for evening out skin tone, although some full coverage ones could cover up problem areas as well. If your foundation has sheer to medium coverage, try using a concealer for your scars. 🙂

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