Buzzer vàng trúng! Howie Mandel đã đặt chân xuống cho Joseph Allen – America's Talent 2019


WOWIE! Howie nhấn nút vàng của mình cho nghệ sĩ biểu diễn Joseph Allen. Xem những gì anh ấy nói về hiệu suất sử thi của Joseph! »Nhận …


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  1. Ok,I've got more talent then most,I've thought about auditioning but hay what's in it for them,there looking for someone thay can make money off of if thay win,
    All that do is audition you get your Hope's up and crash,like that girl last week she suckes .
    Thay will put her life under a microscope and every one will see.whats there and whsts not thay want someone thay can make money off off

  2. Howie, please look him up in LA, he needs just a little help a think with your connections, he is living in his aunt's place but it's in renovation conditions and it's not good, I would hate to see him lose his spark he has soooo much talent. You were right on to push that golden buzzer, now go find that kid!!! Thanks God bless

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