Ca sĩ tuổi teen Bennes Bryant tỏa sáng với "Trò đùa" của Brandi Carlile – America's Talent 2019


Simon Cowell nói Bennes nhắc anh ta về Harry Styles! Ca sĩ 14 tuổi này có nhắc bạn về Harry Styles không?! »Nhận tài năng của nước Mỹ …


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  1. Terry: Do you perform a lot?
    Benny: Just in local coffee shops
    Terry: Well this is a lot bigger than that

    Umm, we all have YT. Kid was on the Voice last year; with Brandie Carlile on Seth Meyers etc.

    I know it's not as dramatic, but if you're on the variety show circuit, just own it. "Yes I've done some venues, but I'm exited to share with the AGT audience".

    When you start off on this false pretense that you're purely an amateur or just local, and you're on the circuit, I'm done. And i know it's not just him, but c'mon, just don't say anything then, go out and do your thing, and I can judge the talent w/o the show business angle.

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