Trump từ chối một lâu đài Ailen cho một sân bay Ailen


Tổng thống Trump đã gặp Thủ tướng Ireland tại một trong những điểm đến đẹp nhất của đất nước: một sân bay V.I.P. phòng chờ. #LSSC #Colbert …


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  1. You know I kinda like him. He isn't that smart and thinks he is, lies when it suits him, but kinda gets involved with things and seem to just want to have fun.
    In the end he wouldn't be that terrible to be around. Just you all went and made him president hehe 🙂

  2. that's so Trump… the way he talked about Charles.. that there are people, who actually care about others… just blew his mind… fuck.. that's sad.. I really feel bad for the guy… but he does way too much damage to focus on that…

  3. Trump wanted to meet at his golf resort, but the Irish government wisely rejected that idea in favour of more neutral ground. Hence the VIP lounge at SNN. And then he told An Taoiseach that he was sure Brexit would go very well and that we needed a Wall. A Wall is the last thing we need!

  4. "He is not doing this for him, he is doing this for future generations, you know he is Prince Charles he doesn't have to worry about the future generations, unless he is a very good person, who cares about people".

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