Một cái nhìn thoáng qua về lịch sử của mặt nạ Venice


Bất kỳ chuyến thăm nào tới Venice đều chứa đầy những chiếc mặt nạ được sơn trang trí công phu. Đây không chỉ là những món quà lưu niệm đầy màu sắc – chúng đi kèm với một câu chuyện. Xuyên suốt…


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  1. I love those masks and would buy a few of them if I was in Venice. They are so cool. I actually bought a few of them in Epcot center maybe 15 years or so ago. They are great just to put in a curio or put somewhere as artwork to show your worldliness. The people who I bought from were Balocoloc Venetian Masks and they've gone up in price since I bought them. Just buy from a reputable shop, best if they are dated.

  2. The venetian mask was explained to me while visiting Venice. I had no clue what it's real purpose was. If I hadn't gone there, I would just associate them with Mardi Gras! You travel, you learn!

  3. The Carnival is one of my favorite European celebrations (so yes, I watched your recent video on that). I asked my parents for a half mask a few years ago when they went to Venice and they bought me 2! Love the artistry that goes into making them and the history behind it!

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