Caitlin Kinnunen: Một cách đọc kịch tính của một vở kịch


Caitlin Kinnunen từ The Prom đảm nhận vai trò phức tạp của "ngôi sao Broadway đọc kịch tính từ Playbill". Xem tất cả những tài năng mà Broadway có …


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  1. It's great that the Late Show is giving opportunities to younger actors to showcase their Playbill reading but….I don't know, I still hanker for the good old days of a Lithgow or a Metcalf playbill performance.
    Now THOSE were some truly great Dramatic Readings of a Playbill.

    Seems like it was only yesterday…..

  2. Donald Trump's Dramatic Untold Story

    His double dealing is now getting old
    And everyone who he bought has now sold
    Donald Trump down the river
    Will he find a forgiver?
    It's unlikely, they're all going to fold

    Only his topmost ardent fanatic
    Will still try to admire his schematic
    Yes there's only the one
    Himself (others just shun,
    Because they think that he's a lunatic)

    Find the hidden word!

    Stop that – Double Don Tinder (of Double Don Tinder's Double Entendres) you've gone too far this time!


    WSD – Author of rhyme and small Scottish Dog person
    Double Don Tinder – supplier of lewd lines, innuendo and hidden meanings
    Steve Bannon – refer back to hidden word (see above)

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