Nice, Pháp: The Belle Époque – Hướng dẫn du lịch Châu Âu của Rick Steves – Bite Travel


Thông tin thêm về du lịch đến Nice: Nice cung cấp các ví dụ lớn về belle époque – theo nghĩa đen, …


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  1. I'm Nice just don't like Greece, hahahaha. I like Mexico, The Ivory Coast (lived there) my mom worked on USAID, love Austria!!!! Love your videos, I know you have been to Israel : )!!! Seen my mirror collages on my YouTube channel??? Left a warning for my sister XX2Shy (model) she rips off everything I do. I'm fat, was thin and fit when I dated James, so no trophy here! Love PBS though seems like they did away with a lot of the male trophies, were they all perverts???? Tavis Smiley whaaaaa???????????????

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