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Trà cuối cùng đã bị đổ! Làm rung chuyển mọi thứ trong tuần này với một thẻ giả định cay-ly (thuần hóa). Cảm ơn tất cả mọi người đã tham gia và …


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  1. I had a question on your thoughts on fashion and sustainability. Since you’re a fashion influencer & the industry is changing, how do you make sure your purchasing of clothing is sustainable and ethical for the environment?

  2. about standing up for a cause and being afraid of the backlash- as a triple-threat minority (lmao) i've come to the conclusion that people will always come after you simply because they don't want you standing up for those causes so i look at the bigger picture i.e. it's more important for me to speak about BLM, climate change, injustice etc. than it is fo me to listen to the jabbering of people who choose to ignore these issues

  3. I had to watch this it sounded fun. I didn't have any assumptions, but noticed how emotional you are. I rarely form assumptions though, because of my premonitions. Meeting someone in a dream doesn't allow for assuming much. If anything.

    A couple years ago I went through the same process of hearing the assumptions of others around me. There were a lot of them pointed at the girl I was interested in. "She's rich", "dirty", and "not good enough". Horrible to hear from my perspective. The whole time I thought she was too good for me.

    It's funny how the assumptions of others interfered with what would have been a good thing.

  4. Don’t worry Ms Jenn you’ll always rock my youtube life! 😚 Like when I’m down and feels the need for an inspiration then I watch a discussion video of yours and it always works. I love who you are please don’t you change EVER! Lol

  5. I appreciate you wanting to try and stand up for things publically in the future. I can see how the fear of being attacked, especially on a platform like YouTube, can be pretty discouraging. I used to be really afraid to get things wrong and then get ripped apart for it. What helped me the most was considering it as another facet of allyship, taking the hits for people who are less well equipped to deal with the backlash or people who have already been suffering through it for a while. It may hurt when people attack me for taking a stand but with everything that's going on in the USA right now, I feel like for a lot of people this is a life or death situation. It's not just a matter of being palatable in my opinions, it's that if I don't stand with at risk groups there could be legislature tomorrow that puts their lives at risk, they need support now more than ever.
    Sorry for the novel lol been watching u for ages and I saw a comment u made to someone a while ago who was mad abt what they felt was too much of a change in content and you said, "maybe you've just outgrown my channel" and tbh your willingness to do the hard work that comes with change is why I've not outgrown you in all this time 💕💕💕
    Wishing you all the best xx

  6. Nobody said anything about the 'youve changed' thing. I see these comments on nearly every video and kinda agree. When i first started watching i was 14/15 im 23 now. You were really a role model for many people trying to find their style, you showed different ways to wear things, showed cheaper options or thrifted options for people to look out for and i used to watch evrry single episode, every monday if i remember. But then you started to show pretty expensive taste until sooner or later you couldnt relate to a lot of your fan base who started watching you. I know i only occasionally watch you because im not really keen on getting reccommended 200$ eye shadow pallettes in your monthly favs. Im still subbed though because i want to support you and i know its because you have worked your ass off to become successful. Just saying you have become unrelatable to a lot of your original fan base who were here because we were also on a low budget and loved fashion and to thrift etc etc.

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