Khi Trump không thích Tin tức, ông đã làm gián đoạn nó


Ngay sau khi một trong những vị khách không đồng ý với việc vũ khí hóa thuế quan của Tổng thống, một chương trình tin tức truyền hình cáp đã nhận được một cuộc gọi trực tiếp từ …


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  1. Will some one please tell Colbert to stop doing his Trump impersonation it is so bad that I can't watch him do it any more. I miss half of his show and videos because I fast forward past his impersonation.

  2. This is the man who leads the US. A man who when asked a very important issue about the tech giants starts talking about his fee-fees. Who cares? Grow up, you're almost 73 years old. Don't be such a snowflake. There's more important things to deal with.

  3. These tech companies are way way way too big. Although, one platform is not avoidable. Can we do something better than an offline three factor authentication device? Who manufactures it? At least you turds realize China is not a good place to do it finally.

  4. I can recall back to when trump was running for office, you said, and I quote, “run. Please run……”. So, you only have yourself to blame for making this happen. I thank you. You know what’s really funny? You made this (to quote Obama, your hero).

  5. Donnie Deutsch was featured on The Aprentice several times! Trump used to sing his praises and successful businesses! They were totally Bros! It's a joke that Trump now denies they used to be close friends!👎

  6. 60 million morons follow the orange beast??? Why??? Maybe these people need to find a hobby or an activity that is waay more positive/productive than bone spurs twitter feed. Bone spurs has nothing positive or informative to say just a bunch of negative behaviors and a continuation of his corrupt con game. Connect the dots people. Learn the meaning of words..

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