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Đảng Dân chủ đã tổ chức một sự kiện chiến dịch vào cuối tuần này với số lượng lớn … 19 ứng cử viên tổng thống. #LSSC #Colbert #DonkeyStyle Đăng ký …


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  1. I love Stephen Colbert, but his choice of band was not great. Stay Human are kind of annoying. I like The Roots as a late night band, but Fallon is a bubbling idiot. The Roots should be the band for Colbert. combine the shows!

  2. Of course the establishment wants Buttigeig. He promises not to have any solid policy whatsoever. Didn't hear word one about Bernie, Tulsi, Warren, Yang – anyone who the people actually like because they'll actually do something for the people. Nope. All Buttigeig n Biden. Nice going Colbert. You jackass.

  3. As a musician, to get paid for purposely playing a song wrong at a live gig is one of the greatest things, so much fun! Eddie Barbash (alto sax) really leaned into the joke with his savage mockery of amateur sax tone! Good stuff!

  4. 'Til I hear some actual policy proposals, they might as well be saying nothing. Elizabeth Warren, on the other hand, isn't playing the "I have plans, but you can't see them, just trust me" bullshit of Drumpf– she's actually got plans. C'mon guys, show the dipshit squatting in the White House spending our tax dollars to troll Twitter and TV talk shows what a real president looks like.

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