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CNBC không phải là người duy nhất nhận được một cuộc điện thoại vào sáng sớm từ Tổng thống vào thứ Hai. #Colbert #LSSC #ColdOpens Đăng ký "Chương trình muộn" …


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  1. Can I as a none American citizen (from Sweden) see The Late Show Live in New York? At the booking site 1iota it says "A government-issued photo ID is required for admission for all guests". Does this mean what I think It does? 🙁  ? Sorry, can't get an answer on this topic in other platforms so i might as well try it here.

  2. Voting day should be a day off, and if you can prove that you did vote, it should be a paid day off. This should be done, because many of the people that want to vote for change to their low wage life, cannot afford to take a day off. Hence, the people that can actually benefit the most, are the people that cannot afford to vote for a person due to not being able.
    I carch

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