Tổng thống Trump, Thỏa thuận nhập cư mới với Mexico


Cuộc độc thoại của Seth Meyers từ thứ Hai, ngày 10 tháng Sáu »Đăng ký vào Đêm muộn: http://bit.ly/LateNightSeth» Nhận thêm Đêm muộn với Seth Meyers: …


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  1. their pants are high because thats just how pants were worn for the previous 1000 years. they had it like that because the belt was worn around wour waist when you wear maille armor to take some of the weight off your shoulders and transfer it to your hips. because solders wore a belt like that a thin waist was seen as manly back then, and it helped keep pants from sagging being above the hip line. you also hung a sword from the belt which needed to be higher up so it wouldn't sway so much while you walk/march/etc.

    now everything is bass ackwards with the fashion being your belt goes around your knees.

  2. I bet it's terrifying being one of Putin's "Lyin ass cabinet" knowing that we caught that ass and know the comments with extra adverbs came from someone likely in/really wanting to be in Russia..
    You failed at grammar and at not getting caught amongst a sea of already english grammar lacking stupid and likely to be fed to anticlimactic and not very hungry Pirhannas like the rest of the wanna be Trump club.

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