Trump's 2016 Victory? Samuel L. Jackson Called It


‘Shaft’ star Samuel L. Jackson doesn’t need a crystal ball to predict the outcome of upcoming presidential elections. #LSSC #Colbert…


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  1. "The know what can happen " yeah our country is doing fuckin amazing and we r paying less taxes and we r safe. Unemployment record low, wages record high, has Mexico helping up with boarder now. What the fuck r u complaining about? Dems so desperate they still tryna investigate Russia after Mueller report had no indictments , yet Hillary smashed her devices w hammers and used bleach bit to wipe out her computer. Its ridiculous at this point. The left makes fools out of themselves every day
    I used to be a Democrat, I supported Obama at first. And now I'm a complete trump supporter and think its pathetic what the left does and how we now see who the real criminals are. God bless to everyone

  2. What a fag and racist S Jackson. May horrible misfortune come to all anti-Trumpers out there–your families too! Inciting hatred for our president is dividing America. Send this Dem lifer back to Africa–doesn't belong here!

  3. Mr Daft is still in USA??..Why the lying hypotwit…He was supposed to relocate to Iraq or something …Totally shameless to still have the nerve to even talk through his crack. He's shit scared to make a prediction..seeing Trumps opposition scares him more..LOL.

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