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Đối với chủ đề của tuần này, chúng tôi đã nhận được: cha mẹ. Nó không phải luôn luôn là một chủ đề dễ dàng nhưng tôi rất vui được chia sẻ suy nghĩ trung thực của mình về vấn đề này. Nhờ vào…


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  1. This week’s topic, we got: parents 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 It’s not always an easy subject but I’m happy to share my honest + sometimes existential thoughts on the matter. I would love to know your relationship with your parents in the comments below.

  2. Jenn, you're strong and beautiful the way you are already. Thank you for speaking from your heart b/c it's not easy to spot a whole- hearted soul nowadays.
    What I learned from this video:
    Growing up without emotional support can still turn out great; by making yourself the biggest emotional supporter to yourself! As we grow up, we all have to learn to NOT rely on other's validation. Instead, investing in yourself and knowing who you really are will help support youself when nobody is there to do so in the long- run.
    Thank you Jenn, little did you know that talks like this helps connect with with all the other people who felt neglected or left out the same way.
    Love you <333

  3. As an Asian-American I really needed to hear the part about parents. Getting into my 20s it's been a topic that has been weighing on my mind a lot and it felt like you were giving advice to me in this video so thank you so much for that Jenn! <3

  4. My parents died years ago. I miss them. I'm from Boston, Mass (USA) and was in South Korea when my mother died. She was only 51. It was a long, long sad ride home. In those days four flight changes with layovers. My father passed five years later. My older brother died from cancer two years ago. The love of my life died in an auto accident when she was 19. She is missed still. Life isn't always fair but you pull yourself up, get it together and stay strong! Appreciate all those around you and let them know you care. I was and am a positive happy person. Life is a gift. About my girlfriend. Yes, I cried and moped and struggled BUT years later I fell in love again. I'm happy now. Thank God I didn't commit suicide or turn to drugs. The loved one who leaves you would not want you to be alone or unhappy. Life is precious.

    Good video Jenn! Thank you.

  5. Pushing aside all the influencer endorsements and product promotions, this is the kind of content that speaks to me!!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and perceptions of your parents. Also, thanks for sharing that amazing quote by Bo Ren! So relatable and so true.

  6. Omg my mum and father in law take photos of literally everything in trips. Thank you for being so honest and insightful in this video. I find myself losing patience when mum slows our trips down to take photos. I know that it really stems from their lack of travel as young adults, working to provide for their family, and also how expensive cameras and film were. We are so lucky to live in this technological age. We are the generation that bridges the gap between the past and present (I think 😊). Thank you again for sharing!

  7. Can so relate when you talked about parents…. im still working on letting it be and showing my gratitude as I am very blessed just not good at showing or being affectionate like when i was a child….as I'm only child so get alot of nagging and overprotection so lots of clashes as they're down my back alot but trying to spend as much time as i can doing things and taking them to new places but they love being at home and days when they do im like ceebs :$ but like you said patience can be tested

  8. I feel you on the parent thing. Although I cut contact with my dad, I try to spend as much time with my mom as I can although my patience is really tested. It stresses me out to spend time with family but I love them and cherish the bond that we have.

  9. oh man Jenn, every single thing you said about you and your parents and your relationship resonates so much with and i think it's so beautiful and important of you to speak up about it bc there are so many younger people struggling and just hearing they're not the only ones going through this is just crucial and i just want to say thank you !

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