Golden Buzzer: Tyler Butler-Figueroa kiếm được Simon Cowell Hỗ trợ – Nước Mỹ có tài năng 2019


Người bản địa Bắc Carolina 11 tuổi nhận được dấu ấn phê duyệt cuối cùng với tiếng chuông vàng từ chính Simon Cowell! »Nhận được nước Mỹ …


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  1. Who the hell’s kids bullied this child who had cancer!!!? Who!!? If you bullies ever read this you are MONSTERS!!! You will always be monsters!!!! You children are disgusting for bullying this child!!Well guess what? he is on AGT And he is stronger And he will be a professional player and have a great career in the future and now you children will always sit back and feel envious that it isn't you up there!

  2. Sorry y’all, i might sound like I’m hating but i noticed that this show is all about emotion and a bit of talent. So if you have a small talent with a huge emotional story best believe you’re going to get accepted in these kind of shows.
    “America’s got emotions”

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