Joe Biden và Donald Trump va chạm ở Iowa


Không chỉ cả Tổng thống Trump và cựu Phó Tổng thống Biden xuất hiện ở Iowa vào thứ ba, cả hai cũng xuất hiện trong lời nhận xét của nhau ….


31 Nhận xét

  1. Just a question… is it really so that Trump only talks in front of running helicopters or other loud noise sources? Or is it more of a happenstance, as he is mostly interviewed when on the way to or from somewhere?

  2. I'm happy to see the Russia and Putin stuff making a comeback. It almost died when Barr released his summary. Turns out he's a liar and lost all credibility though, so we all good.

  3. Yay let's bring in Joe and go back to the era where both parties can scam and screw us again albeit in a more polite manner than Trump.

    There is a reason Bidens election strategy is to stay out of sight and not engage the electorate and media too much because he's a flop, and he knows it. He's got nothing new to offer.
    Sick of hearing about Joe as if he's our hope. Trump will make him look foolish on the debate stage.

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