Sethward trở lại như một Walrus và rơi khỏi sân khấu – America's Talent 2019


Anh ấy đã trở lại và không bỏ cuộc! Sethward trở lại như một Walrus và vui nhộn xảy ra. »Tải Ứng dụng Tài năng của Mỹ: http: // Download …


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  1. That was mean & rude by Julianne in the way that she said no to… She could least do it in a nicer way without giving him false hope then broke his heart so loudly…Gabrielle was respectful to say no right away and not scream

  2. I hate to admit this, but the walrus bit made me laugh. Mostly because I liked his costume.A+ to the costume maker. It made him funny. Well, that and falling off stage. He should stay a walrus, find someone actually funny to write jokes for him and then fall a lot more.

  3. When almost the whole hall was screaming 'let him through' and with two Yes from Simon and Howie, it's absolutely dumb for the two lady judges to say No. The audience was totally entertained by this guy's antics and if AGT is about entertaining, then he has achieved what the show requires. It's high time the two ladies evaluate their judgement levels.

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