Sự thật về Trump & # 39; Thắng lớn & # 39; Qua Mexico


Nếu thỏa thuận của Donald Trump với Mexico có vẻ quen thuộc, thì đó là vì phần lớn đã được đưa ra bởi các thỏa thuận trước. #LSSC #Colbert …


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  1. Europe before modern times by other ethnic groups take turns to easing the bit in the Eurasian, attila, and Mongolia, Arabia, Turkey, no military, no civilization , since one thousand has been eroded, even lost civilization center Constantinople , big European history is one thousand years humiliation before sailing, defeat on the mainland let its forced to turn to high risk, low profits of the sea, had the good luck, discovering the new continent, make abnormal master power, what the slave trade, genocide, Hitler all come out

  2. If there were a nobel peace prize for truth through laughter, Mr. Colbert should be the first to be so honored. The un indicted liar in chief is much less bearable when Stephen Colbert is away. Thank you for your service in keeping America sane.

  3. Despicable acts of innocent idiots laughing is an act of common ignorance and when pushed to full velocity of actors at sound speed creates the wall of stupidities higher than the Berlin Wall, .,!.,.

  4. The art of the deal to Trump is, make a deal and promises then wait for the other guy to do what was agreed upon and then Trump doesnt do what he promised. That's his secrete….and it keeps working. But now that he is the most powerful person in the world people have to work with him, but I wonder how long before people just start saying no.

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