Yuriyan Retriever dạy Simon Cowell Cách nhảy! – Tài năng của Mỹ năm 2019


Vũ công đến từ Nhật Bản hy vọng sẽ gây ấn tượng với Julianne Hough và các giám khảo khác. »Tải Ứng dụng Tài năng Mỹ của Mỹ: http://bit.ly/AGTAppD Download» …


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  1. Actually, she is the 2017-winner of “The W”, which is the competition among all female comedians in Japan.
    I’m extremely excited cause so many people in the world are made laugh out by her‼︎‼︎‼︎

  2. クソワロタわ、こんなんモンスターやん

  3. I think I saw her on other variety show on japan, and other japanese movies I guess. Well I love japan that's why. I don't know if she's an actress in japan or what, but yeah she's familiar to me. Omyghaaaad love her❣

    (Edit: So I searched and yeah I'm right, she's a comedian in japan and I saw her couple times in different variety shows)

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