6 điều cần bỏ trong túi khi bạn đi du lịch nước ngoài – Mẹo đóng gói


6 điều cần ném vào ba lô trên đường ra khỏi cửa. Tôi biết khi tôi đi du lịch, luôn có một vài thứ tôi muốn mang theo bên mình …


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  1. I think you should take an adaptor for travelling abroad. For example UK to European or vice versa. I have one where you can plug a UK plug into a European socket. Then you don't have to fiddle around with different chargers etc.

  2. I love this short vid, Mark! In this one you're like the 007 of international travel. I always watch your videos months before my trip, and then the ones more specific to rail travel the week of my trip. Although my international travel is limited to Canada (from the U.S.) for the time being, I find your tips extremely useful. Thank you for all of your videos, from these solo ones to the ones featuring your family, to the live ones. Great job — and I love that you left in the bloopers. Like others have commented, they make your video so natural and it feels great while enjoying them.

  3. Wolter,
    There's an old Danish saying : "You're not properly dressed unless you have a bottle opener on your belt".
    Of course, there is also another Danish saying : "Any excuse for a beer".

    My essential carry is : Bottle Opener, Swiss Army Knife, Torch and a good attitude. 🙂

  4. Ok so your travelling , you have your suitcase, backpack , then their is your passport, money , travel documents . You pick up your suitcase your backpack but little bag with stuff that can get you stranded is where .. on the train or plane .. trip ruined . I work on the tube in London . I have seen countless travellers lose/passports/ travel documents/ debit cards… put them in a bag your going to keep on your body all the time and across you and in front . Because crime isn’t the biggest problem , its you get where your going, you get distracted and yep you left the most important bit behind . Have a number count for your bags and children .. ive seen those left behind as well … happy holidays everyone .

  5. Definitely yes on the powerbank, mini flashlight, and tiny nail clippers. Going through a US airport (forgot which one) one time, officer told me I can only bring the nail clippers if he broke off the file/picker, so I told him to do it. I'd also add small pack of kleenex, eye drops, and lip balm. Thanks, Mark!

  6. As a world travel in the 90s, $1,$5, $10, $20 and $100 sewn into the back of whatever I would wear most often… in my case my photography vest. Only needed to use it once in ten years. Can’t imagine the problems had I now had the extra cash

  7. If you travel with electronics that need AA or AAA batteries – get a new pack of four, of each. I travel with a lot of video and photo gear, with different remote controls etc. A spare battery set is always helpful and if I don't use it – I just bring it back home. Often the touristy area shops gouge prices on these things. Don't get ripped off.
    Another thing is a set of silverware from home. A tablespoon, a fork and a butter knife. There is nothing more frustrating when you prepare that sandwich in the hotel room, in the morning, and a cheap plastic knife snaps in half. Just throw these things in your luggage, wrapped in a paper towel, in a Ziploc bag.

  8. YES! Church key and UNO 🙂 Absolutely required! Photocopy of ID page of passport, uploaded to cloud or hard copy tucked away well. *EPIC UNO card game in lounge of sleeper train from Zurich to Amsterdam. Really, UNO is to fun and travels well! .:)

  9. Hmm. I've been to Europe multiple times. I've never carried any of these things, nor mised them. Everyone packs differently, I guess.

    Nice video of Vienna, though. Nice town, and hot chocolate there will make you grumpy when you return and try to find similar here.

  10. Hi Mark. Have you folks tried or considered doing videos that actually discuss the approx. average specific costs of living (like costs of food, transpo, house rental, healthcare, entertainment, min wage etc.) in each of the countries that you have visited. Is this still something within the scope of your vlog? Many thanks. More power to you all!

  11. 1. power bank with a built in outlet plug and wire for usb 2.0 phones/tablets.
    2. second cheaper power bank – five bucks, should the previously mentioned one get lost or stolen. Office Depot on occasion will have things like powerbanks, usb cords, headphones for around $5 either on sale or clearance.
    3. 5 ft USB cord (great for using at the airport charging station and you can't sit right next to it).
    4.two or three dollar store usb cords as backups.
    5. usb power strip to charge up more than one device at the same time
    6. 3 outlet wall plug – great for conferences, seminars, meetings when the closest outlet are already being used.
    7. good quality drawstring bookbag and/or durable reusable cloth shopping bag. packs flat or can be rolled when you need extra bags.
    8. 2 -3 bandanas – multi functional piece of cloth that is easy to wash and dry.
    9. pens, a couple of pencils, pencil sharpener,small notebook, post it note pack.

  12. Bring a small handheld Bible? You never know when you need a quick prayer in a time of need. Even though the majority do not believe!! In the Lord Jesus Christ he is always with us ? it's we who abandoned him? He never a a banded us! Ask and you shall receive? Seek and you shall find? Just say the Lords prayer.( Lord Jesus Christ son of God have mercy on me.) Say this prayer wherever you are it's called the Jesus prayer.

  13. Thank you Wolters. Thoothebrush, specific kinda shampoo and shower gel are the stuff I would recommend too. Met many wierd people along the way. You may get the thoothebrush and shampoo at airplane or hotel/hostel, it is nice to have it. Book in top 5 also. No better feeling than traveling and reading.
    Discover the world. 🇲🇪❤

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