Ca sĩ Charlotte Summers cho chúng tôi biết lý do tại sao AGT là giấc mơ trở thành sự thật! – Tài năng của Mỹ năm 2019


Charlotte Summers rất phấn khích khi biểu diễn trên AGT! Cô ấy nói với chúng tôi tại sao cô ấy chọn hát bài hát "I Put A Spell On You". »Nhận được nước Mỹ …


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  1. w/ that strong mid-range she might wanna look into doing rock ballads. like any of the rock ballads by Heart that are etched into our brains in this part of the world. she could nail em. and a song like "These Dreams" straddles the fence btwn rock and soul anyway.

  2. Charlotte made the same error as Angelica Hale… had she not fawned over SC (in this case) she may have got the GB. She will get a GB in the next round for sure, when a fifth, untainted Judge has the opportunity to press (it) for her…. A TOP CLASS performance of what is a powerful, emotive Soul ballad.

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