Điều gì đã xảy ra với Weatherman Joe Crain?


Weatherman Joe Crain hiện đang bị lôi kéo vào cuộc tranh cãi lớn nhất về khí tượng học kể từ khi … có những tranh cãi về khí tượng học …


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  1. Sinclair is literally the very definition of those evil corporations that conspiracy theories have warns us about,. Of course since Sinclair is back up by the GOP machine and the conspiracy nutcases are all racist alt-right fanatics they have all fine with it taking over networks.

  2. Can Mr. Crane be LSSC official Weatherman?
    Obviously a man of integrity who is employable, available and with a background in communications AND meteorology,
    i.e. a good hire.
    C'mon, make it happen people!!!!

  3. Why would you have to be an old person? It really is important. We have NWS products, and the media needs to get those out to inform the public. The code red kind of thing can confuse people and cause alert fatigue. Maybe the FCC should regulate.

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