* MỚI * Nền tảng đồng hồ cát Vanish VS The OG Stick | CÁI NÀO TỐT HƠN? – thử nghiệm mặc –


Này, các bạn! (XEM IN HD) Đây là video tôi thử nghiệm nền tảng đồng hồ cát mới và tôi so sánh nó với cây gậy! Nó có tốt như vậy không? Là nó…


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  1. Hey guys!!! As I was editing this video I realized my camera wasn’t really picking up the texture on the right side of my face! I feel like both sides look identical on camera but that wasn’t the case in person!!!!! I promise there was a slight difference lol even Danny noticed!! Anywhoooooooooooo. How do you feel about this new foundation?! Thoughts?!

  2. So all ever I hear is good things about the foundation stick but guys answer me this does it actually last long. It doesn’t even have half an ounce and I’m worried that for the price I’ll go through it so quickly. Help me decide if I should buy or not?

  3. I’m curious to see what it looks like on oily skin because the stick looks great on me when I first put it on but after like three hours it breaks apart because of my oil so I’m wondering if the more value foundation would look better on my oily skin.

  4. YOU ARE… ! ONE OF THE MOST POSITIVE AND CUTEST PERSON ON THIS PLANET GURL! 💖 Watching your videos is such fun. You always say something that will make my day. Like literally. This moment when you ask Danny about your foundation is so cute. He seems to be confused a little, but the way you try helping him to give his opinion is so god damn cute 😍 Love you from the moon and back.

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