Những người Dân chủ đánh bại Trump theo thăm dò ý kiến


Joe Biden không phải là người bỏ phiếu duy nhất của đảng Dân chủ trước Donald Trump trong cuộc bầu cử tổng tuyển cử năm 2020. #LSSC #Colbert #Monologue Đăng ký "Cuối …


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  1. Cancer is a smaller issue than global warming, since cancer will not cause wars, famine or increased poverty. Both are horrible for sure, but needing to evacuate whole cities in 15 years is more pressing.

  2. "We're going to cure cancer"
    I'm pretty sure I saw that episode of The West Wing, and I'm pretty sure cooler heads prevailed and they didn't announce that. Which is a good thing as they still haven't cured cancer.

  3. 1:00
    So, Biden admits that teenagers can be more mature than Donald Trump. Is he going to stop putting down young people? I'm not holding my breath.

    It'll be a lot easier to cure cancer if you can throw a hundred billion dollars at it.

    Ever seen footage of a Trump rally? Yeah, I've seen people "so angry."

    Perhaps Andrzej should change his first name to Zippity.

  4. Don't get too cocky. Trump was behind in 2016 and he won. Last time we stayed in our own echo chambers watching Colbert, Myers etc and thought for sure Trump would lose. Then we woke up shocked. We need to keep an eye on the Trump support side to see what issues are maintaining his support and whittle away at that. Also as much as I like Biden, it is hard to picture him as the next President. I'm an old white guy and we don't need another old white guy as the President. Listen to his speech in this video. It's folksy but certainly not very Presidential. He can't immediately comes up with Michelle Obama's name so falls back into "family". That will appeal to some but we need him to sound Presidental at least off and on so there is a comfort level on his ability.

  5. "you had me at 'trump's losing'"
    Oh steven, you have had me with the 'dot, dot, dot….. dot, dot, dot' for a long time now.

    Still have trouble with the polls… Statistics and propability are exactly that: Projecting a small group onto the entire population creates a huge margin of error, especially when you do it at random. It's why even scientific research is only valuable when it can be succesfully repeated with the same outcome, while being performed and tested by different people.

    Companies like l'oreal spend fortunes to obtain the 'right' kind of statistics – while ignoring all the evidence that disproves their claim, i.e. the cream makes you look younger. VW cheated by changing detection. Cigarette manufacturers puncture the filter to improve test results, while people close off those holes when smoking. I'm not even going to talk about Monsanto. At any rate, the polling stations and news networks have the same flaws: it's people working there. And people are like statistics… You can never really know for sure, unlike exact science. 1+1 = 2.

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