Số lượng cơ thể tăng lên trong vụ đắm tàu ​​'Đảo giết người' 400 năm tuổi | Địa lý quốc gia


Các nhà khảo cổ đã phát hiện ra một ngôi mộ chung mới gắn liền với một cuộc binh biến 1629 khét tiếng và đẫm máu.
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  1. hmm.. from what i see, the ship's nameis batavia, which is an old name for Jakarta city.

    So.. maybe in the past, some dutch colonists want to dump some traitor or thieves or something like that into that island. but they(dutch colonists) kill them(victim) first when they arrived at that island. and then they(dutch colonists) burried them (victim)

  2. I like these shorts for the visual part, and audio. I hate how the information is being presented. Relatively small text, that's hard to follow. Why? Because the footage is so great to watch! 🙂

  3. This video triggered a slew of bizarre conspiracy vids in the recommendations panel, YouTube should start a new category called "thickmentally deranged" and wall off all the conspiracy, flat earther and religious content so that it stops polluting the rest of the site.

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