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Bây giờ tôi về nhà sau chuyến đi mùa xuân tới Châu Âu – một tháng rưỡi bận rộn trên khắp Ý, Thụy Sĩ và Ireland. Thật vui khi xếp bạn …


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  1. What a truly stunning office to get a days work done Steve, your personal blogs are a great addition to your books.Unfortunately I never saw your programs on the tv channels here in Ireland but through your YouTube channel I have become a watcher of all your videos.

  2. I hope you read these comments, Mr. Steves! I was thinking the other day to write you a letter of thanks for all your efforts and for sharing with us your great travel experiences, tips, and wisdom! I've had what seems like a lifetime of enjoyment watching your programs! One aspect that really enriches the experience for me is the history you weave into the shows. I've learned so many things about society's evolution and why certain things are the way they are, or called what they are called, because you brought information to light in a context that deepens its impact. I am also especially grateful now that you publish under your own channel here. My hat is off to you, sir, for your good work, and great attittude! I wish you a long and happy life, Rick! Thank you!

  3. Okay Rick Steves, we came through Switzerland coming up from Rome. We were going through Lucerne on our way to France. Now we drove a highway that took us up and up and up until it was snow. It was late June. Beautiful! Can you tell me where we were because the pics I took doesn't! Ha! Would love to see the Matterhorn with my own two eyes!

  4. Rick. I was there a few years ago when they placed lights on the mountain heading up to where many people have lost their lives attempting to clime the Matterhorn. It was really touching. Each time I’ve visited there I stay in the Allalin Swiss Alpine Hotel. I sit on the balcony as you do watching for the clouds to clear. One of my favorite spots on earth. Oh. I’m from the USA. Enjoy Zermatt.

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