Hôm nay tóc giả của tôi và tôi trở lại để chia sẻ với các bạn một số favs hàng tháng. Như mọi khi, rất cảm ơn Audible đã tài trợ cho video này. Nhận đầu tiên của bạn …


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  1. Always love your book reviews :)) it reminds me of the essay Beauty Fatale ('Fatal Beauty') by Mona Chollet. She's a french writer but maybe this one is available in english. It's really good and more recent, you might enjoy it !

  2. You should totally watch The Hot Zone! It's a six episode mini series about kinda i guess the origins of the Ebola virus. It's so intense and I love it so much!! I found it on the nat geo channel

  3. Jenn! I've been watching your videos since clothes encounters, stopped a few months and now I'm back after watching your ted talk (I know its not technically a ted talk tho) and it's really inspirational. I'd be very interested in watching a video about your planning process if you could share, do you use a planner, or do you bullet journal? Keep being awesome 🙂

  4. Listen to Elephanz! I think you'll like them, they're a french electro-pop group and they are SO underrated :(, my fav songs from them would be "imperfection", "Sorry is not good enough", "Catcher in the rye", "blowing like a storm", "maryland", "elizabeth"… quite a few haha

  5. I feel like netflix’s “Dead to Me” would be right up your alley. It’s a black comedy that deals with grief (in a different way) but then it also unravels into a soft of whodunnit. Plus its only 30mins an eps, i got through it in a day!

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