Seth kiểm tra nhà văn đêm khuya hàng triệu Karen Chee về kiến ​​thức của cô về quá khứ


Seth Meyers đố vui Nhà văn Đêm khuya của nhà văn Karen Chee về bao nhiêu điều từ quá khứ mà cô có thể nhận ra. »Theo dõi Đêm khuya: …


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  1. This is so wrong in so many ways about on how a generations can be so clueless about things that didn't happen not so long ago. now I see how it's so easy to rewrite history because people can't remember what was done just yesterday.

  2. So I’m only two years older than her and knew about all the things he showed her except for the popcorn guy (I guess you have to be American to know about him? And I’m not). Does this mean I’m also old? 🤔

  3. It's always funny when older generations ask Millennials and Gen Z's if we know certain older references and then are surprised if we do or don't still. Like umm…. we have parents (or older siblings)… That teach us about their time? Why do you think the 80s and 90s are trending right now? Also… the internet.

  4. Are any other millennials kind of tired of being made a spectacle for not knowing what older generations know because we weren’t alive? Even though I knew what all of that stuff was it’s getting super old

  5. Its funny its like a cool thing for youth to 'not' know about the past. I think its pretty important to teach kids about the past and bring them up influenced by not only great things from the past but also the few great things in the present. Ha

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