wXw Tập 22: Tạo kiểu đỏ


NHẤP VÀO TÔI !! Chào mừng bạn đến với một tập khác của wXw (What Xteeener Wears)! Trong tập này tôi sẽ tạo kiểu cho một vài bộ trang phục kết hợp màu đỏ. Màu đỏ là …


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  1. i like how you use belts in your outfits to make nice ones even better and more interesting on the simpler out fits, i dont have any belts or even thought about to buy one because i suck at putting a nice out fit together or mix match belt is too much for me but i like how you wear them! maybe i should look more in to belts

  2. I have the same problem and I love wearing knee high socks with booties. I've found that as long as the bootie or shoe cuts off below my ankle, my leg looks a lot less thick in the calf area than if the boot ends above my ankle or mid-calf. Since that area right above the ankle is the (relatively) skinniest part of my leg, I always make sure its showing. Also, I only wear plain black knee high's or ones with black vertical lines & textures. Hope that helps!

  3. You style really well! Those are pretty simple pieces on their own but you could create so many different styles with different flavors to them, yet keeping the whole thing classy and somehow simple and effortless 🙂

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